Stranded BC

About us

We are a group of Vancouverites that live and work in British Columbia frustrated and disappointment by the lack of alternative transportation options!

We have decided to come together as a team and fight for a cause that we feel passionate about. Outside of our regular professional and personal lives, we dedicate our time in researching and understanding the issues surrounding the lack of ride sharing in British Columbia. Why do so many other provinces have Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing companies operating but we only have the option of public transportation or taxis?

As a team we have decided that there is a lack of awareness and education on the issues. We have committed ourselves to research, understand and inform the public on what is really going on…

Our main goal: To educate and create awareness on the reasons why British Columbia has been deprived of transportation options that are accessible, affordable and reliable. We want to emphasize that we believe that these alternative means of transportation enter a FAIR AND FREE market that are not swayed by internal politics and corruption.