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Liberal MLA Jas Johal introducing ride-hailing petition

November 25th, 2019, Liberal MLA Jas Johal introduced a petition in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia where more than 6,600 residents signed a petition to support the use of a Class 5 drivers licence for people who want to work for ride-hailing companies in the province.

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About us

We are a group of Vancouverites that live and work in British Columbia frustrated and disappointment by the lack of alternative transportation options!

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BC NDP and Taxi Industry

The unspeakable marriage of the BC NDP and the taxi industry to continue denying BC citizens their full right to rideshare transportation and mobility

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No Rideshare for the Holidays!

Read the updated petition and share. We need to drop the Class 4 restriction to have a fair shot at having rideshare by the holidays

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BC NDP: Stop protecting the taxi industry by imposing red tape on those who want to drive for ridesharing companies

In the latest days, according to the Global News website, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena mentions the following statement:

“Class 4 driver’s license provides a safer atmosphere for passenger directed vehicle movements, with extra testing and a medical examination completed at time of application and in routine intervals thereafter” ruling out the possibility of using a Class 5 driver's to work for companies such as Uber and Lyft.

However, according to ICBC statistics, there is no correlation between higher accident rates between the two class license holders. Also, in relation to an article published on the BC Chamber of Commerce website, the majority of Lyft drivers drive part time – in Toronto, 91% drive fewer than 20 hours per week without mentioning that Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and most U.S. jurisdictions only require a Class 5 license, which is the minimum every driver in B.C. must have.

Why we need ridesharing now

Safety from drunk and high drivers

Today, more and more people are drinking/smoking and getting behind the wheel due to lack of options to get around. We need ridesharing to keep our loved ones safe from careless, dangerous people.

Reliable transportation for ones in need

Lack of reliable transportation leaves our women and LGBQT population at risk of harassment and violence at night. Our elderly cannot rely on the taxi system to get to the doctor’s appointments. We need ridesharing to fix a broken system and protect British Columbians.

Support tourism and local economy

Our most valuable industries and job creators are ailing from the lack of transportation options. Restaurants are empty, visitors leave frustrated, businesses cannot attract workers and the list goes on. We need ridesharing to help entrepreneurship and to keep British Columbia competitive.

Your stories

Trying to get my mother home from the hospital on a Saturday night, made us feel extremely vulnerable as we were stranded for hours.

– Jane

Your stories

Just going to dinner with my partner has become a daunting task. We could be stuck for hours fighting drunk people over cabs in the cold. We almost never go out at night anymore.

– Paul